All you need to learn about post-sex anxiousness

All you need to learn about post-sex anxiousness

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Roughly 4 mins following a climax, inside your blissful post-sex haze, my own brain began to ponder.

We recalled the way I haven’t viewed your pet it everyday lives upon your road, Bernie, for a time.

Imagine if he’d been strike simply by a vehicle? Let’s say that he are dead?

Delay. I’dn’t overheard after my buddy for some time sometimes. Had been that he dead? My buddies, my children, everyone else at the job – had been each of them only dead?

Shortly I happened to be hyperventilating entering my own boyfriend’s upper body.

That’s whenever we detected the pattern.

Crying just after intercourse is not unusual for me personally. Nor is really a feeling that is sudden of panic then fear.

We have anxiousness, anxiety, as well as obsessional ideas, so that out of the blue stressing which a lot of people i enjoy are dead was very accepted – still I’d realized that all ideas had been appearing more often soon after intercourse.

I would ike to try to be clear. I’m speaking about ideal intercourse. Awesome intercourse, really. Absolutely Nothing terrible to distressing at in any manner.

I’d heard about post-sex blues, still never post-sex anxiousness. I desired to discover so I chatted to a psychologist to find out if I was alone in this phenomenon, whether there’s actually a link, or if my post-sex anxiety is actually hiding deep-rooted trauma related to sex. Continue reading “All you need to learn about post-sex anxiousness”