Mother, I’m Gay. Can My Buddies Rest Over?

Mother, I’m Gay. Can My Buddies Rest Over?

For moms and dads of L.G.B.T.Q. Teens, slumber events could be complicated.

    Feb. 7, 2019

Whenever Trey Freund of Wichita, Kan., had been 13, sleepovers and closed-door hangouts were element of his social life. Then when he told their family members he had been homosexual, their daddy, Jeff Freund, a principal at a creative arts magnet center college, asked himself, “Would we let his sister at that age have a sleepover by having a child? ”

He seriously considered bullying, and regarding how other boys parents that are react. “If they knew without a doubt my son ended up being homosexual, we question these people were planning to allow them come over, ” he explained. Sleepovers for Trey finished from then on.

Now at 16, together with his household when you look at the market, Trey executes in drag at a club that is local. Rather than sleepovers, he drives house after spending time with buddies. He understands that restricting sleepovers had been his father’s way of protecting him, but at that time, he recalled, like it absolutely was a well planned assault against me personally. “ I felt”

You will find advantages to sleepovers that are teen. “It’s a nice break from an electronic digital method of connecting, ”

Said Dr. Blaise Aguirre, a teenager psychiatrist at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass., plus a professor that is assistant of at Harvard health class. “It’s a trusting and bonding experience. ”

“I think moms and dads constantly like to make room for the material of youth to occur, ” said Stacey Karpen Dohn, who works together with the categories of transgender and sex expansive youngsters as senior supervisor of Behavioral wellness at Whitman-Walker wellness, a residential district wellness center centering on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender care in Washington, D.C.

While teenagers could see sleepovers as simply an opportunity to fork out a lot of the time along with their buddies, moms and dads may be worried about kids exploring their sex before these are typically prepared and about their security when they do. Continue reading “Mother, I’m Gay. Can My Buddies Rest Over?”